Excerpts from “The Gown of Entry”

by Eliot Cardinaux

The Fit of God

These are from The Gown of Entry, a short collection of prose poems I am working on currently. Feels nice to break into a new way of dealing with language. Because of the prose, some say these are more digestible than some of my other writings. I tend to disagree, only because it’s a different thing, but I do think there’s a directness to prose that is difficult to achieve in poetry just because meaning is often more ambiguous in a strictly poetic context. Then again, meaning isn’t everything. I’ve tried to retain a sense of the sound of verse when writing these short poetic prose works. That way it’s neither, but it’s own kind of form in itself. I hope you enjoy them. Below are the first 9 of the collection, along with a sound recording of me reading them, with some short explanations of their context in my life and work. I hope you enjoy.