New Book: Nativity – OUT NOW on The Bodily Press

by Eliot Cardinaux

Eliot Cardinaux’s newest collection of poetry, Nativity, now out on The Bodily Press, is a 4 part sequence exploring the symbols, images, and phenomena of the present age. It includes an exhibition of highly triggered, symbolic, imagistic poems, entitled “Guests;” an essay outlining the author’s “Theses on the Philosophy of Rarity” in the digital age; a short selection of personal dedications in verse, titled “Sentiments;” and a long-form, fragmentary poetics, also in verse, entitled “is the soft boy ready.”

‘I’m thinking of an inverse poetry, which turns experience outward like a flower, raises up without empathy, and echoes the reader, without ensnaring; its collection would be, like their trace upon a winter city, a ghost town for friends.’
-Eliot Cardinaux, from the introduction to Nativity


Cover from Nativity



“Evidence” from Nativity, Section I: “Guests”



“iv” from Nativity, Section II: Theses on the Philosophy of Rarity



“Honor” from Nativity, Section III: Sentiments


Fragments from Nativity, Section IV: “is the soft boy ready”