Chapbook Reprint Sale

by Eliot Cardinaux

I’m doing reprints next month of all the books I’ve ever written. Now is the time to pre-order. Also time for a sale.


I have 14 different chapbooks so I’m leaving a link for you guys to see what I have to offer, below. Private message me to order, pay by PayPal, etc. Links below for more information on each book.

Email form: Bio/Contact

Small format chapbooks are:

$10 for 1
$18 for 2
$25 for 3
$31 for 4
$35 for 5

Large format chapbooks are:

$15 for 1
$28 for 2
$40 for 3
$50 for 4
$58 for 5


Standard: $4 inside U.S.
Expedited: $7 inside U.S.
For international shipping, please inquire

Email form: Bio/Contact

Large format books available (come January):

  • Leaning Against the Mystery
  • Guide to Torment
  • The Virgin Clock
  • Treebones and Riddlepieces
  • time’schange (Studies in Mist: Abstracts from the Midnight Era)
  • The Gown of Entry

Small books available (come January)

  • 21 Leaves
  • Still Life
  • A Future Companion
  • Our Hearts as Thieves
  • Nativity
  • Mouth Like Straw, The Hand Half-Blind
  • Moon and Politics on a Glass Table
  • Sweet Beyond Witness (Deluxe Chapbook)


CDs and cassettes available as well:

American Thicket CD: $12
(Mat Maneri, Thomas Morgan, Flin van Hemmen, and me)

Odysseus Alone cassette (limited edition): $15
(Thomas Morgan, Kresten Osgood, and me)

Same shipping rates apply.

Poetry chapbook information: Poetry

American Thicket information: American Thicket

Odysseus Alone: Insula Records

Email form: Bio/Contact

Downloads available as well. Happy Holidays!