New Release: Magpie: Six Feet on Solid Ground

by Eliot Cardinaux

Magpie album cover

Cover artwork by Zoe Christiansen

Magpie (DK/US)

Six Feet on Solid Ground

Eliot Cardinaux – piano, voice, poetry

Asger Thomsen – bass, objects

Jeppe Høi Justesen – drums, percussion, cymbals

This is anti-fascist free-punk. Played on acoustic instruments, with lots of screeching bows, clanging on the inner-strings; and no bells and whistles. Well, some actually. And Speechgrenades. Yep, you heard it. Explosive outbursts to outlie the times.

It’s Beefheart and Tom Waits meet Melt Banana sitting in the back row of a Keith Jarrett concert in Japan. And it’s going to do you some good.

Having met during a two-week festival stint in Boston organized by their pianist in conjunction with Danish drum legend Kresten Osgood, and later again at a festival put together by their bassist in Copenhagen, Asger Thomsen, Eliot Cardinaux, and Jeppe Høi Justesen are naturally inclined to support one another. Much of their music is loose, the ensemble’s warmth and conversational approach to free improvisation threading a dialogue through the many resilient personae of their poet’s palette.

On February 1st, 2019, Magpie released their debut album ‘Six Feet On Solid Ground’ through their pianist’s label, The Bodily Press. It is available to stream for free with an option to download for $7, as well as on CD ($10 + shipping). An accompanying chapbook featuring all poems from the album as well as bonus items comes with any download as a PDF and is available in physical format for $10 + shipping as well at the link below. Happy listening.


Jeppe Høi Justesen, Asger Thomsen, and Eliot Cardinaux, in front of 5E in Copenhagen, Oct. 2016