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New Release: Magpie: Six Feet on Solid Ground

Magpie album cover

Cover artwork by Zoe Christiansen

Magpie (DK/US)

Six Feet on Solid Ground

Eliot Cardinaux – piano, voice, poetry

Asger Thomsen – bass, objects

Jeppe Høi Justesen – drums, percussion, cymbals

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New Book Release: By the Hand

By the Hand.jpgCover artwork by Zoe Christiansen

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New Release: Sweet Beyond Witness

As some of you know, I have decided to pack my bags, and take leave of the city of Boston, where I have lived for the past four years. As I prepare to move out to the rural countryside of Western Massacusetts, again, I am finally gaining some much needed perspective on my life during my time here. There is evidence of that fact.

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Journal of a Nomad Justice

All three photos in this post are by Monica Frisell. Unfortunately, the timeline offered to me to complete this project did not allow for me to include more of Monica’s photos. More to come in the future though, as we hope to collaborate on something, eventually. I personally admire her work a lot. Hope you do to. Enjoy.

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Mother of Two

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New record in the can!

dimension sound

Eliot Cardinaux at Dimension Sound Studio
in Jamaica Plain, MA

Hello folks,

I laid my new solo record down yesterday at Dimension Sound studio in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, where I live. Solo piano, prepared piano, spoken word. Compositions and improvisations written and developed over the course of the last year. I even whispered a little. Stay tuned…



Theses on the Philosophy of Rarity


In the present age, visual and aural senses are the only used to absorb those works of art that are digitally reproduced and distributed. In the case of other senses, we rely on synesthesia as it correlates with these differing modes of expression. In a museum, one is rarely allowed to touch a work of art; as Benjamin states, one may simply stand near it, amidst its “aura.” Read the rest of this entry »

Music and the Mechanics of a Beloved Creature

Existential answers, like the answers provided by some religions, are a means by which we attempt to find comfort in the present moment. A good example would be this: if someone is going through a rough time, and consequently finds out that others around him are also going through a rough time, that person might find an answer in astrology: say, “Mercury is in retrograde.” The flip side of this answer might be that Read the rest of this entry »

“Bark” (tangential learning in poetic scores)

Bark Score (jpeg)

Note: My reference to “tangential learning” was influenced most deeply by a factor of my childhood, i.e. learning to adapt to my own very active, associative imagination (labeled Attention Deficit Disorder by my superiors from quite a young age). I thought it was interesting how a part of my process of [musical] composition came about Read the rest of this entry »


Blackbird VI

Recently, a teacher of mine (Tanya Kalmanovitch of the New England Conservatory) offered an assignment to “set” to music 2 or 3 poems or stanzas from the famous “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by a poet named Wallace Stevens. Since, in the spirit of writers like Stevens, there is no one way of looking at a blackbird, I decided to offer musicians a chance to take what was given in the score and adapt it to whichever way they sought to see it, up to a point. Read the rest of this entry »