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A week with Kresten Osgood and friends LIVE! in Boston…

Hello Friends,

I am very excited to be able to make this announcement… Read the rest of this entry »

Let Me Hear Both Sides: Thom Yorke, Amok, and Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes


Vocalist Thom Yorke’s latest two releases, the first Amok, with his new band Atoms for Peace, and the second his second solo offering Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, strike a relationship between human nature and the modern day zeitgeist. Themes of intellectual escape and physical actuality are juxtaposed from line to line, held together, like in all great songwriting, by the very fact of reality. There is a push and pull in both these albums, between society and the individual, inevitability and perpetuity, future and present. Read the rest of this entry »

Sacred Life, Sacred Living: On the Life and Poetry of Xu Lizhi




Inspired by a recent event in China that received little attention, except for on social media, this essay addresses the life and death of a Chinese poet, Xu Lizhi, and the legacy he left behind in his work. He died by his own hand while employed at a factory run by Foxconn, the manufacturer of forty percent of the world’s electronics. His was one of many suicides, all by workers in their early twenties, related to the horrendous working conditions at Foxconn’s manufacturing facilities. Read the rest of this entry »

New Blog/Website

New Blog/WebsiteI would like to invite you to follow my new Blog/Website on WordPress. This is a way for me to keep you informed about projects in the works, musical performances, poetry readings and more. It is also a way for me to make visible some of the things I’ve been working on – ideas, poems, etc, and for you to hear sounds. I’ve also made available some CDs for purchase via email, as well as a new book of poems, Leaning Against the Mystery, at:

eliotcardinaux [at] gmail [dot] com

Always feel free to email with questions, ideas and thoughts about art, music, poetry, and shows you’d like to book. I’m always happy to reply.

Take care,