Statement of Purpose

“As a pianist, poet, and composer, I seek musical forms that continue and further the development of a tradition that is itself comprised virtually of integral moments in time where bounds are broken, chances taken, and where change occurs. Following the lineage of innovation stemming from musicians such as Joe Maneri, Ornette Coleman, Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, and Billy Holiday, I seek to elucidate sounds that have never been felt, and that not only are unique to me, but stem from a life enriched by music.

“When it comes down to it, I feel that the music asks, ‘what’s the next step?’ And then, take that step and fall, fly, fail, feel – or free the musical element that does enrich it. That way, you’re learning, and the music’s telling you; how does it make you think, grow, and adapt?”

-Eliot Cardinaux