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New Book Release: By the Hand

By the Hand.jpgCover artwork by Zoe Christiansen

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Mindfulness––A Mantra and Afterword

Part I: Writing in, Writing out; Invention

In his book of essays, A Nomad Poetics, Pierre Joris writes of the necessity for poets not only to learn other languages, but to invent them. If it is possible to invent one’s own language, I have tried. It may as well follow that it is possible to learn—to write, indeed, even to speak in—those languages that others have invented.[1] Read the rest of this entry »

Ways to Mouth


Ways to word


These are part of an ongoing series of writings in which I’m beginning to document my poetic process. These are not meant as a manual for writing, although they indeed intend to spark conversation and thought surrounding the process of writing for many other people beside myself. There is no one way to write, and therefore any convictions I gain throughout this process will remain my own, except if they are transliterated by others into their own ways to mouth. I use the word transliteration, which means Read the rest of this entry »


Blackbird VI

Recently, a teacher of mine (Tanya Kalmanovitch of the New England Conservatory) offered an assignment to “set” to music 2 or 3 poems or stanzas from the famous “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by a poet named Wallace Stevens. Since, in the spirit of writers like Stevens, there is no one way of looking at a blackbird, I decided to offer musicians a chance to take what was given in the score and adapt it to whichever way they sought to see it, up to a point. Read the rest of this entry »