The Bodily Press

The Bodily Press is a loyal outlet for the work of artists pushing the boundaries of form in the written and spoken word, and for music I feel needs a place to exist that is special: a home in the “so-called” physical world. I’m most-likely releasing only tapes and small booklets for now, and in very short supply, but nothing digital.’
-Eliot Cardinaux




Books released on The Bodily Press:

Jason Belcher: 

Karaoke Symphonies (2017)

Sean Ali: 

Awake Afar Off (2017)

Eliot Cardinaux:

21 Leaves (2015)

Nativity (2017)

Mouth Like Straw, the Hand Half-Blind (2017)

Moon and Politics on a Glass Table (2017)


Eliot CardinauxMarch (2017)

Coming Soon:

Naomi SchubIslands and their Seas

Eliot CardinauxMother of Two 

Jason Belcher, Nine Hours

…and a tape by Sean Ali, stay tuned!